The Challenge!

We want to give a big congratulations to the winner of our New Theme for 2020, Garon Reeves! And thank you all for sending us your ideas- we very much appreciate your hard work.

International Date: Thursday, April 23, 2020
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TODASTW 2020 Theme

The 2020 theme “Meet The Workplace Superstars” can be translated as three things. First, the kids going to the workplace, meeting the people who work there and seeing how each person no matter what level or position they have how important their jobs are. Secondly, how the employers think of the employees as superstars because they are the ones who make the workplace a success. Third, the kids are the future superstars of the workplace.

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Book Series of 2020

Girls Who Rocked the World   More Girls Who Rocked the World   Boys Who Rocked the World
Girls and Boys who Rocked the World series by Michelle Roehm McCann & Amelie Welden can be purchased on Amazon.

Full Steam Ahead Book Series
Full Steam Ahead! book series by Diane Lindsey Reeves, Kim Childress and Kelly Gunzenhauser can be purchased here.

Amazing Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs
Amazing Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs by Donald Jacobson and Graham Evens can be purchased here.

Message From Our Executive Director


2019 was a phenomenal year and we expect 2020 to be even better!

Hello! My name is Carolyn McKecuen, President of the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation®. I am also a business development and communications expert. I played an integral role in the creation of the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day® and am actively involved in its celebration every year.

Throughout the many years I have thoroughly enjoyed devoting my life to creating opportunities for others. My husband, George McKecuen, and I cofounded McKecuen Consulting, Inc. Through McKecuen Consulting, Inc., I apply my expertise in business development, communication, and technology to support and expand nonprofit organizations and micro-enterprises all over the world. I have been the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of my efforts, including the Presidential Award for Public/Private Support in Microenterprise and the very highly prestigious MacArthur Genius Award.

In addition to the work I do at the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation®, I continue to consult with businesses, organizations, and nonprofits to devise strategies that will make them more effective, more efficient, and help them make a greater impact on the world. Among the places I have worked, it is an honor to include MacArthur Foundation Fellows and the State of North Carolina.

Warm regards,

Carolyn McKecuen (click to view Carolyn’s biography)
Executive Director
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation